Nipton Set to Become Marijuana Town


A ‘bud and breakfast’ is not a new thing in the States, but what about an entire town dedicated to marijuana, where people can freely smoke? American Green, cited as the largest publicly traded marijuana company, has bought the railroad town of Nipton, for about $5 million. The company plans to renovate the forgotten town to become the next marijuana town in the US.  Located on the edge of San Bernardino County, near the Nevada border, Nipton has an old West Town theme with nightly rooms costing $99.

According to The Points Guy, Nipton will build add to the five-room Hotel Nipton, the Whistlestop Café, and the Nipton Trading post. The owner has a plan to double size of the hotel and make Nipton Trading post a highway rest stop with marijuana vending machines.

It’s still illegal to smoke marijuana in public places like restaurants, but privately owned bud and breakfasts’ or a place like Nipton, may allow smoking within its borders. However, they are prohibited from selling marijuana, so tourists can bring their own stash as Prop 64 permits.

The place is currently advertised as eco-friendly with camping space but there are mixed reviews about the hotel.  Most customers are saying there is no good food and the place is hardly maintained. Other reviewers liked the rustic and peacefulness of Nipton, but reviews have yet to mention the place as the town to smoke marijuana. 


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