NFL Players Score With CBD Business


Mike Tyson isn’t the only athlete interested in opening a mega cannabis factory, some former NFL players have teamed up and started their own cannabis businesses.

One such player, is former New York Jets and Super Bowl champion, Marvin Washington.

InMotion Hemp Creme

“Most ailments and illnesses come from having some sort of inflammation in the body,” he told Benzinga. “CBD can do the same thing as opiates, acting as an anti-inflammatory, without the nasty side effects opioids have.”

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is an ingredient in marijuana that contains medical benefits but doesn’t get you high. Most sports player report that they are not interested in taking cannabis to get high, but rather, to alleviate pain and CBD has become a way to end the stigma against cannabis.

One of the companies Washington helped build is IsoSport, which advertises CBD beverage enhancers, and CBD pain cream. IsoSport uses nanotechnology on its products so the body can fully absorb the cannabinoids and get the maximum benefit.

Former National Collegiate Athletic Association, Rodney Peete, has also opened his own cannabis business called Inspirit, which makes tubes of hemp cream to help alleviate sports pain. Peete said that he was given a tube of Inmotion Help Pain Crème after his knee replacement. It eased the pain, and he’s been in love with hemp cream ever since.

Last year, the World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from its 2018 prohibited substances list. However, THC, the chemical compound responsible for psychoactive effects, is still banned.



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