Medical Marijuana Program Gains State Support


The opioid crisis in the US has pushed states to make medical marijuana accessible for people looking for serious pain relief. There’s a list of which diseases would qualify patients for legal medical marijuana, and an Illinois judge recently ordered intractable pain be added to that list.

This is great news for patients like, Ann Mednik, whom filed a lawsuit and petitioned for chronic pain to be put on the list for the medical marijuana program. Ann has experienced the paralyzing side effects of prescribed opioid pills, and desperately wants alternative relief from her osteoarthritis pain, reports Chicago Tribune.

In other good news, a New York legislature will also expand its medical marijuana program to include all serious conditions. Assemblyman Richard Gottfried, father of the Compassionate Care Act, introduced a bill allowing doctors to recommend medical marijuana for any serious condition, according to Merry Jane.

“I have always opposed a restricted conditions list for medical marijuana,” Gottfried tells MERRY JANE. “No other medication has a statutory list of what conditions it may be used for because healthcare professionals, not the state, should make prescribing decisions.”

Also, recently two Tennessee Republicans introduced a medical marijuana bill to make oil-based marijuana products legal benefiting 65,000 Tennesseans, reported Associated Press. If the bill is passed, PTSD and cancer are among the conditions that are eligible to be treated by marijuana.

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