Jirons Busted With 60-pound ‘Christmas Gift’


Sorry, some folks won’t be getting a sack full of weed this Christmas. Sad news for the Jirons’ friends and family.

The gift-giving plan of an elderly couple has failed miserably after their stashes of marijuana were discovered by police.

Patrick Jiron and Barbara Jiron, 83 and 80, were stopped by Nebraska deputies after their pickup truck turned without signaling on Interstate 80 near a village in the state’s York County. The strong smell of marijuana urged officers to search the vehicle, resulting in a discovery of 60 pounds of buds and many containers of concentrated THC. They are worth around $330,000, reported the New York Times.

The Jirons told police that the marijuana they’re transporting was meant to be given away to their family members and friends as Christmas presents.

According to police, the pair was driving cross country from California’s Clearlake Oaks to Vermont. They were planning to stop in Boston to deliver the “gifts” before Christmas Day.

The couple was reportedly charged with possession of marijuana with the intent to deliver and no drug stamp.

In Nebraska, marijuana dealers are legally required to purchase drug tax stamps from a Department of Revenue office and affix the stamps onto the contraband.


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