Water Soluble Weed Lubricant are Now Available

velvet swing

Two of the simplest pleasures best shared in life are sex and weed. Combine both of those and your neighbors might have to put ear muffs on their kids. Now, that combo comes in a bottle of lube. A new lubricant infused with weed has hit the market, and it promises to increase sexual pleasure and intensify orgasms. Hello Velvet Swing!

The inventor has found a way to infuse water with cannabinoids that can be used to make cool products like lubricants and weed juice. “We noticed all the other [cannabis] lubes on the market were oil-based. Those will break down latex, they’ll break down toys. We designed something of very high-quality, something someone would buy at the higher-end stores, and that was water-soluble so it had absolutely no reaction with any latex products or standard toy products,” said Juan Ayala, an MIT graduate and former marketing director for Microsoft, to Merry Jane. Ayala leads a group of researchers from Tarukino LLC, a cannabis company based in Washington State.

From the breakthrough of creating juice infused with weed like Happy Apple, comes the lubricant Velvet Swing. Velvet Swing is a lubricant that is made to enhance those special times. The effect is scintillating as said on it’s website, “THC dilates the smallest capillaries, which increases blood flow and heightens sensitivity and can lead to longer, stronger orgasms.”

Velvet Swing can be bought in Washington and California in cannabis retailer shops. It will soon be available in Oregon and Colorado by early 2018


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