Sowden House, a Sanctuary for Animal and Weed Lovers


Sowden House is a $4.7 million- dollar mansion in Hollywood, owned by the canna-pet CEO, Dan Goldfarb. He is now rich from selling weed products made for animals, but he owes his success to his cat.

While Goldfarb had an interest in marijuana, he never really did anything about it until he adopted a rescue cat, Mariano, named after the Yankees’s Mariano Rivera. Mariano’s hair began to fall out after consuming drugs prescribed by the vet. Goldfarb decided to treat his cat himself by giving Mariano, THC-free cannabis.

“Our goal was not to start a business or proselytize cannabis or anything else,” said Goldfarb to Cannifornian, “Our goal was to help animals.”

Now, the Sowden house has opened for marijuana events and fundraisers that support animal rights and on February 10 it will host another event.

The Sowden house was built in 1926 by architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright. It was also the set of the film The Aviator played by Leonardo Di Caprio.

The full story can be read at Cannifornian.


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