Blythe & Marijuana, a Silver Lining?


Blythe, California is looking for an opportunity to rise above of it’s desert lands and stricken economy.  Not only this desert town, but a bunch of eastern towns on the California-Arizona border could benefit from the marijuana industry.

The Desert Sun reported that Blythe has been approached by forty new businesses which could turn the place into a busy marijuana town. Residents have been late to embrace the marijuana culture and did not vote unanimously for the drug to be legal. If the town believes that marijuana could be the savior, businesses believe it could compete against Coachella Valley and coastal cities because of cheaper land, more water, and lower taxes.

In every small town, there’s staunch support of marijuana, and in Blythe, there’s Tim Wade, a retired city councilman who voted for marijuana to be legal in 2017 in the town.

“People think there’s going to be some savior that’s going to come to Blythe, that’s going to help them out,” Wade said to Desert Sun. “There’s no shopping here. Big corporations don’t want to come here. My personal opinion is, we’ve got to do something.”

Read the whole story at Desert Sun.

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