Marijuana Infused Beer: Can’t Beat ’em, Join ’em


It is said that alcohol and marijuana don’t mesh well together, but a new trend is emerging with alcohol and beer companies. The old debate of which causes more harm, alcohol or weed, is getting a new spin when the two are combined. Marijuana infused beer is on the scene.

Forbes reported that alcohol sales dropped 15 percent in the States, in Medical Marijuana counties after legalization. Madison discovered that domestic shipments for U.S. beer fell 2% last year and U.S. beer sales are up 1.1%, but volume sales are down 0.5%, with premium beer down to almost 4%.

It is known that marijuana and alcohol are substitutes and share the same target group. Instead of furious competitions to sell its own product, many beer companies are making their own marijuana-infused beer.

Some of the most popular companies involved in crafting marijuana beer, are Dad & Dude’s Breweria in Colorado and Oregon’s Coalition Brewing. They have introduced varieties of beer infused with cannabidiol (CBD) made from cannabis flowers that are found in marijuana and hemp plants.

Heineken’s Lagunitas has also offered an ale called SuperCritical, made with terpenes or the aromatic oils of cannabis plants. As a limited product, it quickly sold out after its launch in August of last year. Vermont’s Long Trail Brewing made a “limited run IPA-like beer” made with cannabis, reports Madison. Mirth Provisions Ales introduced five flavored tonics containing pure cannabis extract.

Another popular brand is Rebel Coast Winery’s THC-infused sauvignon blanc, made from Sonoma County grapes. It is however, alcohol-free because regulations prohibit mixing pot and alcohol in Califorina.

Most of the brands, however, don’t include the THC in marijuana, so most of the marijuana-beer products will not make you high. This is mostly due to the fact that marijuana is still illegal by federal law.  


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