TRAPPIST-1, a New Solar System, Could Be Our Next Home


NASA has discovered a new solar system named, TRAPPIST-1, and it looks promising for the next human planetary invasion.

TRAPPIST-1 contains several Earth-sized planets with two planets having traces of water. Those planets orbit around a red star, similar to our Earth’s sun. It also appears to have an ideal temperature range, reports The Independent.

So what does this planet look like? Apparently, it is a beautiful desert. “The spectacle would be beautiful. Every now and then you’d see another planet, about as big as another moon in the sky,” Dr. Amaury Triaud said to The Independent.

“The sun would also look about 10 times bigger than our own does from Earth,” he added.

It also creates its own heat by a method called tidal heat.

“That’s one of the main innovations of the paper,” Dr Amy Barr of the Planetary Science Institute told The Guardian. “The planets are also on eccentric orbits –kind of egg-shaped– so every time the planet goes around the star it gets stretched and squeezed….the planet kind of works its own internal friction, because that stretching and squeezing creates heat in the interior.” The finished study will be published by the journal of  Astronomy & Astrophysics if you would like to take a look.

At the moment further studies are limited as Nasa is still waiting for the launch of its “next-generation space telescope,” the James Webb, which would make it easier to look at the planets.


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