Hemp Plastic Could Save the World


Just when we thought we’ve exhausted the benefits of cannabis, we’ve discovered hemp could actually be made into plastic. This discovery could save the world from toxic petroleum based plastics littering our lands and oceans. 

According to Cannabis Tech, plastic requires ‘cellulose’ to form a shape, and hemp is 80% cellulose.

Canopy Corporation states that Hemp Plastics from Australia have been able to produce 100% biodegradable material. This new plastic is made from just hemp and corn, and can be made into everything from cosmetic containers to frisbee golf discs.

Hemp can also be made into musical instruments, loudspeakers, and furniture. Many car brands now make their dashboards and paneling from hemp.

Watch Ford’s Hemp powered Hemp made car

Moreover, hemp plastics are much, much cheaper.

Other than car parts and containers, hemp can also be made into construction materials for buildings. A good example of this eco-architecture, can be found in Israel. It’s called the Ein Hod Hemp House designed by The Tav Group, who have made hemp designed buildings since 1987. It is the first marijuana house in the rural village of Ein Hod, a 250 square meter private villa. The walls are all made of “hempcrete”, which are hemp hurds from cannabis mixed with lime.

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