Oregon Shops Sold Weed to Underage Kids


Marijuana retailers in Oregon are unknowingly selling pot to underaged kids, which is a major concern for the state. Out of 86 licensed stores in Oregon, 16 sold cannabis to kids underage, Oregon Live reported.

“Oregonians who voted for legalizing recreational marijuana implicitly told the cannabis industry to abide by public safety laws,” Steve Marks, Executive Director of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission said in a statement. “Clearly they’re not.”

Retailers face fines and risk having their license suspended if caught illegally selling under the Oregon rule.

In Oregon, more teens are now using recreational pot since it became legal, discovered a Eugene-based research center study. However, marijuana use only increases in teens who have already tried marijuana, but doesn’t motivate new users to try it, reports The Register-Guard.

Oregon spent $4 million on a campaign to prevent youth from using marijuana called “Stay True to You.”

“What we are trying to tell them is that, ‘No, not everyone is using marijuana and it’s OK to not use marijuana,” Oregon Health Authority spokesman Jonathan Modie said to The Register-Guard,  “pot is legal in Oregon, but not for young people. We want young people to thrive and achieve what they want in life and, because their brains are still developing, marijuana use can potentially affect that.”

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