Marijuana Convictions Cleared in California


Thousands of Californians with marijuana related convictions, dating back over 40 years, will have their arrest records cleared or downgraded.

On Wednesday, the San Francisco District Attorney’s office said it will retroactively apply California’s marijuana legalization laws to past criminal cases. This great news mean those charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana dating back to 1975 will be dismissed.

A person convicted of a marijuana-related crime does not need to petition and go through costly processes to have their record changed. The conviction records will be erased automatically, Washington Post reported.

More good news: The District Attorney’s office will also review almost 5,000 marijuana felonies recorded back to 1975. If deemed appropriate, they will be re-sentenced to misdemeanors.

“We want to address the wrongs that were caused by the failures of the war on drugs for many years in this country and begin to fix some of the harm that was done not only to the entire nation but specifically to communities of color,” San Francisco’s District Attorney Gascon said at a press conference on Wednesday.

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