Cannabis Festivals to be Regulated After Legalization

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As cannabis becomes regulated in California, popular festivals will also have to adjust for the changes. Local authorization will be required for events to be on the legal side of weed. The care-free hippy environment created at festivals will come with a price.

“For each event they do, they have to have local authorization,” said Lori Ajax, Chief of the state’s Bureau of Cannabis Control, to The Cannifornian . According to the article, city council members and county officials in the area have already spoken against marijuana festivals. This could reduce the number of festivals being run next year. 

The new regulation restricts marijuana to only 80 county fair or district agriculture association properties. Since marijuana is now legal, there will be no need for a doctor’s recommendation, therefore eliminating the need for booths with a doctor to advise on side effects and problems associated with consuming weed. All vendors selling weed must be licensed by the state, and can only sell up to an ounce of cannabis per person. The weed must be lab-tested, packaged and list all ingredients including the amount of THC. While beer is sometimes paired with weed, the new rules do not allow alcohol or tobacco consumption during festivals. Festivals is also limited to only four days.

Fees are $5,000 a year for an annual license of one to ten events. For more than ten events, festival organizers will have to pay  $10,000 for a year. It will also be mandatory for companies to reveal their  financial and ownership information, including criminal convictions.

Besides paying for their license, organizers will need to apply for a temporary state permit for each event. The cost is  $1,000 each and require detailed diagrams of each venue, including a complete list of all licensed vendors.

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