If All You Want is a Snort: Colorado Company Launches Cannabis Nasal Spray


Eat, smoke or snort. Now you have even more options thanks to Verra Wellness Nasal Mist.

For many years, cannabis nasal sprays have been used for medical treatments as it can quickly stop a seizure for epileptic patients. However, Colorado-based cannabis company, Verra Wellness, has commercially released its latest product Nasal Mist. It’s advertised for how it leverages purified THC and CBD which results in long-lasting effects for up to three hours.

The product offers fast-acting results within three ratios: THC to CBD 10:1, 1:1 and 1:100.

Is there a difference between snorting from the spray, smoking and eating pot? Definitely

“Transmucosal delivery of cannabinoids by nasal spray is very different than smoking; It is safer and does not contain pyrolytic products (caused by heating) of a variety of compounds present in raw plant material,” Verra Wellness’ co-founder Paul Johnson replied in an email to Kaleigh Rogers, contributor of Vice.

David Casarett of Duke University, who has researched medical marijuana, said nasal consumption changes the way cannabinoids are absorbed into the human body. It does not initially pass through the metabolism process like it does when weed is smoked or eaten.

According to Verra Wellness’ official site, Nasal Mist’s new users are recommended to only ingest one to three sprays per nostril. While, experienced users can take the same amount, then wait for 10 minutes before repeating the activity.

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