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If you’re struggling to find a medical marijuana clinic that doesn’t treat you like the DMV, then visit the American Cannabinoid Clinic. Dr. Rachel Knox is the proud owner and founder of this patient focused clinic. 

Medical marijuana is still illegal under federal law, making it difficult for doctors and researchers to study it. Knox is finding alternative ways to research and truly understand the benefits of cannabis.  She delves into the “endocannabinoid system” to understand more about how receptors in the body and brain react to cannabis and regulate liver function and the production of insulin, reports Washington Post.

“We want our patients to come to us for guidance, not this card,” Rachel Knox said to Washington Post, “We’re not here to see a patient every five minutes.” Instead of leaving it up to patients to decide for themselves whether to use edibles or smoke marijuana, she may suggest alternatives such as vaporizing.

This is a family run operation for the Knox family in Portland, Oregon. With her husband and two sisters, she hopes to change medical marijuana by establishing professional standards that are hard to find in most medical marijuana clinics. While there’s more money in cycling through patients, Rachel Knox and her family focus efforts on consulting their patients to maximize all benefits of treatment. 

Knox retired from anesthesiology, then got a job writing prescriptions for medical marijuana, but knew nothing about marijuana. Although she studied at the University of California at Berkeley, she was not properly trained to prescribe marijuana. She decided to study medical marijuana by herself after finding that patients were not the typical ‘stoner,’ but suffered from serious diseases such as cancer and epilepsy, and were seeking alternative treatment.

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