Massachusetts Doctors To Get Marijuana Education


Life presents continuous lessons worth learning. This holds true for the medical community and the study of cannabis. Massachusetts doctors will soon get to study medical marijuana as a continuing curriculum offered to them.

Although the Massachusetts Medical Society continues to oppose the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana for the state, the country’s oldest continuously-operating medical society proposed a cannabis education program for medical professionals.

The program was developed by the medical education website,, which was launched in 1998. The curriculum will teach physicians about the different factors of using medical marijuana including: proper dosage, health benefits, side effects and the treatment of symptoms for serious diseases.

The association’s President Henry Dorkin concluded that despite their opposition to cannabis, it’s the medical societies responsibility to ensure medical cannabis is safe for patient consumption.

“We’re not in any way urging people to write for this,” Dorkin told MassiveLive. “But it’s a fact of life that marijuana exists, it’s legalized in the commonwealth of Massachusetts, and the reality is physicians need to be educated about marijuana, and they need to learn to deal with its effects on patients.”

In Massachusetts, medical marijuana was legalized in 2012 and currently has recreational marijuana on the ballot for legalization. At the end of October, only 210 physicians in the state had registered to recommend medical marijuana to their patients. Maybe this curriculum will push more doctors to include cannabis as a viable, safe treatment for future patients.

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