Epilepsy CBD Treatment Launched in Texas


A CBD oil by the name of “Zeltor” will be ready for sales in Texas as a treatment for a rare condition of epilepsy called “intractable epilepsy.”

Scott Klenet, spokesman for Cansortium Texas, said Zeltor would cost $90 for 30-milliliter of Zeltor containing 600 milligrams of CBD. Another dispensary, called the Compassionate Cultivation, is also planning on a brand of CBD oil, which will have neutral, cherry, and mint flavor, reports American-Statesman.

The Epilepsy Foundation Texas said the number of Texans with intractable epilepsy is around 150,000 people, but only a few Texan doctors have registered to prescribe CBD. This is largely due to worries about federal law and doubts about whether CBD is effective.

Three dispensaries were granted licenses under Texas’s 2015 medical cannabis law, called the Compassionate Use Act.

There were doubts whether the CBD oils would launch after the doom of Jeff Sessions rescinding the Cole Memo, but it doesn’t seem to have deterred the people that really need the treatment. Companies and consumers understand the fact that CBD oil will be sold to patients in Texas sooner or later.

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