Synthetic Cannabinoids Causing Deaths


Marijuana is legal in twenty-nine states now, but people have turned to synthetic weed, which can be deadly.

Synthetic marijuana with variant names including Spice, K2, Black Mamba, Mr. Nice Guy, and Blaze has been killing people lately. The fake weed is made by taking dried or shredded plants and spraying them with synthetic cannabinoids (SCBs or SCs). The THC in SCs are made from chemical compounds.

“It’s dangerous because a lot of times they put so many different chemicals in it,” says Chief Kevin Smith of the Rainsville Police department to WHNT19. “One common ingredient is Raid bug spray, a pesticide. That’s what they treat these organic chemicals with.”

The police says they’ve already seized five ounces off the streets of Alabama and three ounces from a mobile home in Rainsville.

In New Haven, Connecticut, people are now overdosing on them. Police have responded to a dozen overdoses this year. James Thomas, an outreach minister at Trinity Church, told NBC Connecticut that people are turning to K2 because it’s cheap, and more popular than crack cocaine. One person has died after having induced a coma fr0m taking K2, and another victim went into cardiac arrest, reported Associated Press.

Recently, the U.S Army has come out to ban vaping synthetic cannabinoids in the army, after soldiers have turned to them due to strict bans on all types of marijuana. More than 60 soldiers were taken to the hospital for “serious medical issues after using vape or e-cigarette products containing CBD Oil,” reported Star News. The U.S army has warned soldiers against using vapes that contain CBD Oil, THC, or synthetic cannabinoids which may contain illegal or chemically dangerous  substances, including synthetic cannabinoids.

We reckon, making marijuana legal would solve all these problems.


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