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SAN DIEGO – We all love our pets, but sometimes our peace and quiet is drowned out with barks and meows. Now, you can let your pets relax the same way you do with pet friendly cannabis products from Phyto. 

Don’t worry. Your beloved buddy won’t get high like we do, but they will be relaxed and calm.

The San Diego-based company, Phyto Animal Health, has been making a line of CBD-infused supplements that can help sooth animals’ nausea, ulcers and inflammation. It also supports the immune system and reduces disturbing barking, meowing, as well as calms horses. 

The hemp oil only contains THC less than 0.3 percent which keeps the product legal and does not create the psychedelic experience from weed. 

Phyto products are available in the United States and in other 40 countries through an online store.

Ian Quinn founded the subsidiary initially to help a service dog, Dante, who had hip and joint problems. With Phyto, the pitbull’s condition improved physically and mentally, Quinn said.

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