Medical Marijuana Drops in Texas – But it Won’t Get You High


TEXAS — Medical marijuana – at least a low-grade version of it – becomes legal in Texas soon, and the first company on track to supply it will deliver its first packages of liquid drops harvested and cultivated from a low-level cannabidiol extract.

Cansortium Texas will be the first of three companies that have obtained licenses to grow and sell medical marijuana in the Lone Star State limited to the treatment of untreatable epilepsy.

“It’s very, very exciting,” Florida-based Cansortium CEO Jose Hidalgo told the Star Telegram. “Nothing in life ever goes as planned. But so far, this has gone as well as it could.” If everything goes smoothly until December, the company will deliver its first medications through vehicles with a nurse or social worker to assist with patients duringthe delivery.

No THC, the main psychotropic compound in cannabis, is found in the medicine under a 2015 law adopted by the state legislature. The plant has been harvested since September on a 10-acre area land in Schulenburg, a small community east of San Antonio, for extraction of what’s called a cannabidiol.

Sales are limited to the roughly 150,000 Texans that suffer from intractable epilepsy.

It’s unlikely to be used for getting high since the drug does not provide a buzz.

Only doctors registered with the Compassionate Use Program may prescribe the product. Texans must have a prescription for the drug and then pay between $45 and $90 for the medicine. Previously, Texans who couldn’t get the drug had to travel to California for treatment.

Only three licenses were given besides Cansortium Texas. By next year Compassionate Cultivation will also be able to issue the drug, after honoring state Rep. Stephanie Klick who helped start the Epilepsy Foundation Texas.

The third license went to Suterra Texas, but they have yet to get approval to plant seeds.

None of this comes cheap: Companies had to pay $500,000 to gain licenses with a renewal fee of over $300,000 in two years.

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