Lawsuit to Cast Out Licenses to Vast Pot Farms


An Alliance of California marijuana growers files a lawsuit

It seems like California should be riding the high of legalizing weed, but farmers and cultivators are wary of big businesses monopolizing the industry. Cue the lawsuit. 

So the California Growers Association has filed a lawsuit on Tuesday (23 January) to block a regulation that lets big businesses acquire as many licenses as they want.

“Approving large cultivation operations in 2018 will significantly reduce the ability of small and medium cultivators to compete economically in the regulated market,” the lawsuit said.

According to the alliance, large farms could drive out business for smaller cultivators and would push them inevitably into the black market, which isn’t the purpose of legalization in the beginning, reports Associated Press.

This legal action would block states from issuing licenses that could create “vast pot farms.” The California Department of Food and Agriculture has not commented on the matter.

Despite marijuana legalization in California, farmers and small cultivators are facing doubts whether it has benefitted them.

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