Honolulu Marijuana Patients Can Keep Their Guns


Relax, you can still have your guns and take medical marijuana, too.

Honolulu’s police chief had a change of heart and gave two medical marijuana patients their guns back,  after they had called for people with firearms to relinquish their guns, last month.

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported that medical marijuana patients can retain guns they already own, but can’t buy more once they became a patient.

“Merely having a medical marijuana card doesn’t mean you’re using marijuana,” Chief Susan Ballard said. “We can’t prove you’re using marijuana. Our practice of having them turn in their firearms was incorrect.”

Associated Press reported that Carl Bergquist, executive director of the Drug Policy Forum of Hawaii, said the police department should review the policy again since medical cannabis is legal under state law.

“On behalf of physicians, nurses, caregivers and patients involved in the medical cannabis program, the assumption that they’re all impaired or a danger to society is a great insult,” Bergquist said. “A policy like this could push people out of the regulated system. We think these patients should not be stigmatized in this fashion.”

Retired state Supreme Court Justice Steven Levinson, a member of the Honolulu Police Commission had questioned why they denied guns for patients but not to other with a stronger prescription drug such as opioids.


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