Girl Scout Cookie Top Seller in Trouble

girl scout cookies

Girl Scout Cookie sales soared outside a marijuana dispensary, and is now stirring up controversy. While many were happy she was able to sell three hundred boxes of Girl Scout cookies in six hours, the San Diego Girl Scout council is not so grateful and is looking to punish her.

The girl is being branded a genius by social media commentators for choosing the right location to sell Girl Scout cookies, while the most common place to sell cookies were at convenience stores or the supermarkets.

Associated Press reported the pot dispensary, Urbn Leaf, in an effort to help the girl, posted a photograph of the girl outside the shop and invited customers to get Girl Scout cookies. Conservatives were not so happy and argued that a young girl should not be photographed in front of a marijuana store.

But Urbn Leaf founder, Will Senn, who said he is a supporter of fundraising efforts, argued that medicinal marijuana has been prescribed to treat children with epilepsy. San Diego Girl Scout Council is a rather conservative organization and have not decided yet what to do with the girl, but punishment could mean omitting the number of cookies she sold from her record. Meanwhile, the internet community has stormed out at the Girl Scout Council, telling them to leave the girl alone and give her some credit.

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