France Softens Cannabis Laws By Reducing Fine Rates


French cannabis consumers are multiplying quicker than most other European countries even though France continues to struggle with strict laws against smoking cannabis.

But that could change soon.

On Thursday (Jan. 25), the French government announced they will reduce fines on people arrested for smoking marijuana. Replacing fines of up to 3,750 euros or a possible one-year jail term, the future penalty is said to be fines around 150 to 200 euros.

Cannabis use in France has been on the rise with current rough numbers of 700,000 people reportedly using drug on a daily basis.

According to France 24, 40 percent of the country’s population consumes cannabis, compared to 35 percent in Denmark and 30 percent in Spain.

Softening the current laws is expected to the reduce workload of police officers and those who work in the justice system, according to Interior Minister Gerard Collomb.

“The fixed fine of 150-200 euros that I propose would enable police officers in the field to stop the legal procedure there and then with the person who has been caught,” Robin Reda, a member of Parliament, told Le Parisien. “The advantage of this is that the punishment is immediate and systematic.”

Apart from that, France still has a dim light on legalizing marijuana.

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