Large Plots are in, Cute Edibles Are Out in California’s Emergency Marijuana Regs


LOS ANGELES — Emergency rules issued in California to govern the legalization of marijuana by New Year’s Day have been criticized as privileging large growers.  

Months in the writing, the regs will start by honoring temporary licenses to growers, distributors and sellers who already have valid licenses when marijuana sales become legal on Jan. 1.

Absent was an anticipated 1-acre limit on the size of growing plots, the Associated Press reported, something that alarms the head of the California Growers Association, who said it would allow large growers to acquire licenses and operate large sites that could disadvantage small growers.

Sacramento “could have just opened the door for well-capitalized interests … to really jeopardize the success of the marketplace,” Hezekiah Allen said, adding that it could create an oversupply situation.

Fees for cultivation licences range from $1,200 to $80,000 per year, depending on production.

Another regulation, meant to discourage marketing to children, forbids edible products in human, animal, insect or fruit shapes.

Pot cannot be transported by alternative means such as “aircraft, watercraft, drone, rail, human-powered vehicle or unmanned vehicle.”

Here are the state’s rules for shops, distributors and testers, cultivators  and manufacturers.

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