California Consumers Complain of Rising Costs

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Marijuana Price Climbs Up After Legalization

New Years was a time for great celebration for California weed consumers. Most were ready to flock to their closest dispensary and legally purchase their favorite strains, but besides navigating new regulations, consumers are complaining about the high costs of legal marijuana.

Despite legalization, taxes imposed by the government are making it hard for many dispensaries to lower their prices. Brian Gordon said to the Los Angeles Times that cost spikes could hurt patients who depend on medical marijuana. A budtender, who preferred to remain anonymous for fear of being fired by his employer, also said patients were angry and shocked at the new higher prices.

Cannabis infused food businesses have to pay $5,000 annually for a license to host up to 10 events including additional fees imposed by new regulations, reports the Associated Press. This narrows the market for who can afford to get a taste of the luxurious cannabis food market.

Small farmers emerging from the black market are happy that legalization means no more hiding their crops and getting arrested. However, Chiah Rodrigues revealed to The Washington Post that her pot-farming father fears small farmers will no longer be able to compete as large corporations acquire licenses and take over.

“My father bought a 40-acre piece of paradise for $5,000. He would build his own home and live on his own time, calmly raising his children off the money he made selling cannabis. When prices were $4,000 or more per pound, even the worst farmer could make a decent living off a few plants,” she wrote. That time is coming to an end as the legal market decreases wholesale prices for cultivators while increasing prices for consumers. 

Only time will tell whether legalization is a curse or blessing for California. Hello 2018!


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