Phyto: Pet-friendly CBD Products


SAN DIEGO – We all love our pets, but sometimes our peace and quiet is drowned out with barks and meows. Now, you can let your pets relax the same way you do with pet friendly cannabis products from Phyto. 

Don’t worry. Your beloved buddy won’t get high like we do, but they will be relaxed and calm.

The San Diego-based company, Phyto Animal Health, has been making a line of CBD-infused supplements that can help sooth animals’ nausea, ulcers and inflammation. It also supports the immune system and reduces disturbing barking, meowing, as well as calms horses. 

The hemp oil only contains THC less than 0.3 percent which keeps the product legal and does not create the psychedelic experience from weed. 

Phyto products are available in the United States and in other 40 countries through an online store.

Ian Quinn founded the subsidiary initially to help a service dog, Dante, who had hip and joint problems. With Phyto, the pitbull’s condition improved physically and mentally, Quinn said.

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Cannabis Gummies Attend Albuquerque School

school yard

Albuquerque, NEW MEXICOMarijuana is making its way into schools by accident, and now police are on the watch. Last week, a nine year old girl was sharing gummy bears with her classmates, which actually turned out to be laced with tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, the psychoactive ingredients in marijuana. Her classmates got dizzy and were taken to the nurse, reports The Independent. It happened at a New Mexico school, at the Albuquerque School of Excellence. A warning to parents was posted on the school’s Facebook page:

“We would like to remind all students and parents to be cautious about food/drink sharing… and we would like our community to be alert with drugs and any edibles that may or could be in different formats,” the school wrote. “We kindly ask our parents and community members not to talk explicitly about drugs/medicine when students are present.”

It was later discovered that the child’s parent was using gummy bears called “Incredibles,” as a medical marijuana treatment. How it got into the hands of her child is yet to be known. Recently, a woman was arrested for child abuse as she was discovered to be using gummies to ease her child’s anxiety due to her doctor’s advice, reported Associated Press.

Associated Press also reported that authorities found 40 pounds of marijuana in trash bags at an Albuquerque elementary school. Police said it was the second time marijuana was found at the school but had no idea who put it there.

Many states have laws prohibiting edibles in the form of animals or fruit shapes, and marijuana dispensaries are not allowed near schools. Only people from 21 years and up are allowed to take marijuana.

Lesson of the day: Be responsible and keep your edibles out of reach from your kids.

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