‘The Throne’ A One Million Dollar Bong

the throne

If you’ve got money to blow, why not fly a spaceship over to Denver, Colorado’s Illuzion Glass Galleries. It’s home to some of the most expensive artistic glass pipes, including the Throne Pipe, which can be bought for one million dollars.

The Throne Pipe stands two feet tall and is a collaboration from glass artists including: Scott Deppe and Darby Holm, made in 2010.

According to the gallery’s website, the Throne is one of the “most iconic and legendary functional glass pieces in the industry.” It consists of skulls which can be removed to reveal a mouthpiece, and the structure which is a lattice of bones. “The Throne” can be viewed at Illuzion Glass Galleries in Denver, Colorado, USA.

If a million dollar bong isn’t what you’re looking for, fly to California’s Santa Rosa to Homeblown Glass to check out their glass. Apparently, these glass bong galleries refuse to associate or call themselves cannabis pipe makers. They prefer to be known as original glass tube artists.

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Mondo: Anti-Anxiety Cannabis Powder is Work-Friendly

Man Having Be Happy Sticky Note on Forehead During Office Break

Does stress build up at work and ruin your day? No problem. Inside a little glass jar is Mondo’s cannabis powder, and it’s the perfect workplace stress reducer. Let yourself relax and focus for better productivity and performance.

The powder, containing coconut oil and cocoa-based edible cannabis, is said to be low calorie, all-natural and fast absorbing. It’s designed for micro-dosing during the daytime.

Office workers can mix it with anything they want from a smoothie, yogurt or salad dressings. The powder will dissolve instantly into whatever you choose.

Although the process is a secret, Mondo is marketed an organic and non-GMO product.

Mondo was first created back in 2013 by Emily O’Brien who originally used the powder to treat her back injury, mental pain and anxiety.

Thanks Emily!

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